In February, I was a flower girl

Awhile ago, I made brief mention of a wedding that Bee and I went to with our parents and our men in February here and posted a potentially confusing image of Nathan dressed in gingham with his arms covered in leis here. Three months have passed and I forgot to post about the wedding!

Are you ready for the most exciting part aside from the actual marriage? This February, I got to be a FLOWER GIRL!

When my uncle and his partner of twenty years told us they were getting married (in Hawaii!), Bee and I were beside ourselves. Once we’d processed the wonderful news, we sent my uncle a tentative email asking if we could fulfill our childhod dreams and be their flower girls. And bless him, he indulged us.

I hemmed (ha!) and hawed about making our dresses; I’d started a new job fairly recently, I hadn’t sewn much for other people, etc. But less than a month before the wedding, I made a rash decision. I was making the dresses.

Bee and I have a mutual admiration for one another’s styles, and we do like to trade things back and forth, but given unlimited resources, we would probably choose very different things to wear. I drove the fabric-buying decision and she drove the pattern selection process. That’s how we ended up with Butterick 5639 with its empire waist and cap sleeves with a really loud Amy Butler persimmon floral print. Democracy in action!

I was pretty impressed with the pattern; I made a muslin and a few tweaks on the real version, but nothing major. It was also easy to adapt it for Bee once I’d made mine. I lined the bodice with voile left over from my persimmon shirt and finally learned of the magic that is possible with an invisible zipper foot (borrowed from my friend after he heard my griping about my zipper probs). I’m never going back. It’s next on my list of sewing-related purchases.

The wedding was pure magic and Bee and I had a grand old time being twinsies. Bee was working her camera magic and didn’t make it into her own beautiful photos, but rest assured that the effect of the two of us in our flower girl dresses was very striking!


4 thoughts on “In February, I was a flower girl

  1. Thank you, Ginger! I'm still looking for the perfect occasion to break it out again – maybe once we get some consistently good weather here in Seattle!

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