The Fifth Week: MMM ’12

I just realized that I’d mis-labled week four’s update as another week three until I started writing this post! I was trapped in time!

This, my friends, is week five of Me-Made-May 2012.

Day 27: Wearing my flannel shirt; Nathan took this photo at Macrina in Seattle, probably my favorite bakery cafe.

Thanks to Nathan for the awesome photo!

Day 28: Heading off to brunch in my Burda sleeveless blouse – probably my most re-worn item, clocking in at three times – thrifted jacket, jeans and… new Frye sandals.

I can’t remember if I shared my clothing consumption goals here on crab & bee but I decided last year that going forward, I would make my clothes or buy them thrifted. New purchases would be for emergencies only. Shoes, I would aim for 0-2 pairs of new ones. Considering I got married and started a new job with much higher sartorial standards than my old job, I’m ok with the fact that I purchased 3 pairs last year; one for my wedding, and two that were suitable for both walking and work. When I do buy a new pair, they really need to last and be easily repaired, and so far I’ve had decent luck with Frye.

Day 29: My trusty shibori scarf worn with a newish refashion! It’s almost cheating to call the dress a refashion since I just removed some very doofy looking pockets from the skirt part. Funny how very small details can ruin a garment. I wonder if that’s why it ended up in the thrift store?

Day 30: Just a simple black tee made of black wool jersey. One of my goals this year is to get better at sewing with knits, especially since I’ve mostly encountered them doing refashions. Also wearing a pair of thrifted jeans and my very useful wedding shoes!

Day 31: I made it! Part of the flickr group decided to thank Zoe for all of her hard work organizing and maintaining this challenge by making signs and, if possible, celebrating her vintage/nautical/boldly colored style. I was able to procure two self-mades that fit the bill, the new Burda sleeveless blouse and one of my Simplicity 2451 clones in bright blue denim. I wouldn’t have thought to pair these two pieces, but I felt very sprightly and happy all day!

Maybe I’m just tired after all my outfit documentation, but I’m not really sure what new things I learned this challenge except for that I feel proud of how far I’ve come since Me-Made-March ’11! I ran out of steam to sew new things mid-month but now that it’s over, I’m raring to go.


8 thoughts on “The Fifth Week: MMM ’12

  1. Love your outfits! And three pairs of shoes in a year is pretty good, if you ask me! I'm impressed that you've been able to make or thrift everything so far. I've had such fun reading your MMM posts! I really like your style and sensibilities!

  2. Thanks, Ginger!. Ideally, I would be able to find amazing, sturdy, walkable vintage or thrifted shoes but I haven't had that much luck this year! Thrift-shopping is the second-most time-consuming hobby of mine (first is sewing, of course!) but I enjoy the hunt.

  3. Hi Morgan, thank you very much for your nice comment on my blog! I loved seeing your creations at Flickr group too. You are very stylish and also simply look gorgeous in your me-made wardrobe. Nice to meet you!

  4. I'm so glad you enjoyed the challenge. You look totally awesome all month and you've definitely inspired me to push my garment combos. You should feel massively proud of yourself, you have so many incredible self-made garments and accessories! I remember your last challenge, you looked equally gorgeous but I can really tell how many more fabulous garments you've clocked up since then. xxx

  5. Thanks, Zoe!! It's been wonderful to use the me-made months as tools for measuring sewing progress, not to mention inspiring to see what everyone else has been working on.

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