Minoru Muslin, Me Made May ’12

crab&beeMuslins aren’t known for their beauty, but this one really takes the cake. (The motley of fabric probably obscured my ability to evaluate the pattern effectively!) It’s a testament to the Minoru that I’m going forward with making one in real fabric.

In other sewing news, I’m entering Me Made May, hosted by So, Zo! I’m super excited and a bit nervous. (I started mentally cataloging my self-made items in my head on the way to work today.)

Me Made March from last year was an eye-opening experience. The closest thing I can compare it to is training for a half-marathon. Getting dressed every morning is hard enough without making sure I made at least one of the items. And let’s not forget documenting!

It’s an exciting way to measure how much progress I’ve made, however, and great motivation to refashion, make new projects, and push myself to really use what I’ve made.

So here goes!


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