I found a fantastic piece of navy blue gingham at the Goodwill and was all ready to make myself some sort of tunic when, in a fit of selflessness, held the fabric up to my husband and decided it would suit him better. I turned to McCall’s 6044, which I’d used twice before for him.

(Good grief, I’m realizing as I write this post that my last three projects have been button-down shirts. I did take note of how easily I was able to do the button placket this time around!)

The only real challenge with this shirt was how much the fabric puckered after washing. I think the blue threads in the shirt shrunk a lot more than the white parts of the shirt, and I had do to a lot of fabric manipulation to get it right.

Anyway, our trip to Maui afforded N lots of occasions to wear a short-sleeved gingham shirt, unlike the inclement weather of Seattle, so I snapped a few photos of him in it.

I think I might be out of my button-down shirt-making fit
for now, but when the urge inevitably strikes me again, I’m considering challenging myself by adding some interesting details.

Epaulets, anyone?


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