Stuffed kitty for my nephew

Nathan and I are the proud uncle and aunt of a 6-month-old named Otto. (Way back in June, I made him this quilt). We wanted to make him something special this year for his first Christmas and worked on a stuffed animal design. I had grand plans to make it all from fabric scraps, but time got away from us and we decided to do a 2D design that we could get printed onto fabric (using Spoonflower).

The result is this stuffed kitty, who looks remarkably like this cat. Otto has just started teething and loves chawing (my word for extra-enthusiastic and recreational chewing) on the ears and paws.


Since the design is all white, I decided to make a removable insert (stuffed with natural fiber fabric/thread scraps from my sewing) so the outside could be washed.

I used velcro for the opening to get the insert in and out and am still entertaining opening ideas for subsequent variations. Feel free to weigh in! But overall, I love how the design came out and can’t wait to make more.

Photo credit to the incomparable Bee! See more of her work here:


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