Leavenworth Loretta

We’re back after a very full holiday season! Festivities abounded this December with out-of-town friends returning home, numerous family gatherings, a trip to the Nutcracker and some parties.

One of the breaks from the flurry was a weekend trip to Leavenworth (for those not from the northwest, it’s a Bavarian-style village a few hours east of Seattle). Bee and I, along with our men, rented a cabin in a rural area nearby. We played games, drank beers, went on nature walks, cooked, drank whisky… you get the picture.

But it wasn’t all fun and games! We worked hard too, putting together a thrifted-fashion Loretta Lynn-themed (read: dressy in a rustic dwelling) photo shoot. Et voila, the results!

Me and my b-word face

Bee did an amazing job with the photography. She also did an amazing job poufing my hair. The sequins, cowboy boots and earrings were all purchased at the Goodwill at different times over the last few years.

I fell in love with the plaid wool blanket. Handy, because it was really cold outside in my sequins. Luckily, the blanket photographed really well. And I think it’s acceptable to borrow props in a thrifted fashion shoot.

Our inspiration

(Gratuitous Loretta photo.) This was probably my favorite fun little art project this season! If you’d like to see more of Bee’s work, check out her portfolio here!


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