Things made in the U.S.

My very own Made in the US Pinterest board: more here

I buy mostly thrifted things, but of course, the occasional new purchase sneaks in.  I have a complicated process for evaluating whether or not I should buy something, which I will condense for you:

Do I need it? (I have to say that cases of real need are rare.) If yes, I try to borrow, thrift, or make it myself. My last resort is buying something new that is well-made and will last.

Do I just really really want it? If yes, borrow, thrift, or make it myself.

If my evaluation process is working, the occasion for me to buy something new are few – but they do happen. Something I’ve become aware of lately is the dearth of goods made in the United States. So I’ve added “American made” as a bonus criteria for new purchases, since it seems that there would be lots of good reasons to buy American-made (higher consumer safety standards, better labor laws than many other major manufacturing countries, generally lower carbon footprint due to less transport, and generally higher quality products that wouldn’t reach a landfill quite so quickly.)

That said, I’m still new to this concept and would relish any information, discussion or opinions from our dear readers!


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