Slow sewin’ flannel

Friends, I’ve completed another project! Lady Flannel here was unique because I allowed myself to sew it slowly. (In the past I’ve shunned all company, food, and water in order to finish a project quickly.)

Without further ado, here it is! My plaid flannel shirt.

I used McCall’s 6436 and would totally use it again. I graded out an extra size through the hips and skipped the back darts (which I thought would look corny with the plaid pattern). I think next time I would skip the grading as well.

I liked this pattern and really liked working slowly. I’m going to try and do that for a lot of my projects. It eliminated a lot of the hasty mistakes I tend to make, and I was never burnt out.


8 thoughts on “Slow sewin’ flannel

  1. I just jumped in with both feet and made a lot of ugly stuff before getting to this point.Perhaps look for an independent sewing shop that offers some classes! They can probably get you up and running much sooner, so you can skip some of the ugly project phase!Would love to see the made in America pins!

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