Pumpkin party

Sad Clown, Moustache Man, Easy Alien, and Kristin’s Kraken

I meant to write on this topic a lonnnng time ago, but Halloween festivities and a trip to SLC got in the way! The topic is: what to do with your jack-o-lantern when it’s ready to retire?

Now I suppose the more relevant topic would be: what can do you do with pumpkins now that they’re crazy-on-sale since Halloween is over?

I steamed and/or baked the alien pumpkin and made a delicious pumpkin/curry/coconut milk soup and incorporated it into spiced pancakes. I pureed the rest of the cooked pumpkin I didn’t end up using and plan on making pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie filling, and more pumpkin soup later. (My one failed experiment was trying to freeze uncooked pumpkin. It went into the compost; it was spongy and as watery as cantaloupe).

Cooked pumpkin.

 And of course, pumpkin seeds. They’re a lot of work, they’re consumed in 2 hours, and they’re still totally worth it.

Go get yourself a pumpkin if your jack-o-lantern has already expired! You’ll be amazed at how many cooking options you have.


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