I know they’re not pants, but…

I went to the big-box-fabric-store-that-shall remain unnamed last weekend, intending to buy a Burda jeans pattern. Turns out, it’s online-only. Boo. But I did leave with two other patterns, including an McCall’s 6404 for leggings! It was the variations that really had me interested. Also, wouldn’t you just know it, I’d bought a zebra-print jersey sheet at the Goodwill awhile back?


The results are clearly astounding and left my sister/co-blogger speechless. She couldn’t even squeak out a “that’s a whole lot of look,” her usual response to my more outlandish garments.

A note about the pattern: it runs pretty large. I fit solidly in one of the sizes offered and probably had to cut down away two more sizes. I’m past the point where I find this flattering; on the contrary, it’s a frustrating waste of fabric. Thankfully, leggings were easy to modify.

Anyway, I love them and am debating exactly how far I can push it with these. Definitely wear to exercise. Wear to the grocery store? To work…? Please give me some guidelines, people!


8 thoughts on “I know they’re not pants, but…

  1. so let me see if i have this right, you've got purple zebra, heather gray and then black zebra? these are definitely crazy crazy. not just crazy. but crazy crazy.

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