Black and white all over

Here is my new finished sewing project, as promised!

On the eve of her church garage sale, my mom usually calls me and lets me know if there’s anything amazing she thinks I’d want. This year, it was 4 or 5 pieces of gorgeous Japanese cotton fabric and I didn’t hesitate to buy all of it.

One of the fabrics was agitating to be made into a dress, specifically Simplicity 2281. I used the pattern once before, but this time I wanted to leave off the awkward space-age sleeves. I cut View A in a size smaller than my measurements would indicate.
Me and one of Bee’s children. Photo by Bee, of course.

This dress has seen a wedding, a fancy dinner and a few work days, and I’ve been excited to wear it each time! It’s flattering, comfortable and seems to strike a balance between interesting and simple. I’m considering another version with a black bodice/skirt and bright sleeves. We’ll see.

Speaking of sewing in general, I’ve been scheming on some new projects but I’ve noticed that the pace at which I churn out projects has slowed a bit. I’m ok with this. There have been times when I felt very compulsive about sewing and it can leave me feeling a bit ragged. Not to mention arthritic. But definitely expect to see more projects as I recover from the post-wedding phase!

Edit: Here are is another picture of this project that I discovered recently! Thank you to my sister for photographing.


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