Thoughts on hair and showering

Me and my hair

It’s been awhile since we chatted about beauty routines and cleansing habits. Since starting a new job, I’ve eased up on the no shampoo thing. My scalp was getting increasingly irritated by the baking soda and vinegar which resulted in… flakes.

What I have been doing is washing my hair every other day with an extremely clean shampoo that both No More Dirty Looks and EWG would approve of. I buy it in bulk at PCC (for non-Seattlites, an amazing grocery co-op) so I’m not fretting about all the containers I’m using.

I was feeling really good about my routine until I read that the average 10 minute shower can take anywhere from 25 – 70 gallons of water! Even every other day, that’s a lot. So I’m going to try to cut back to 3-5 minute showers, with the aid of a timer or my cell phone. And, I should also probably hassle our landlord to put in a low-flow shower head.

Does anyone have any water-saving techniques to share? For the shower or elsewhere?


6 thoughts on “Thoughts on hair and showering

  1. When I was little we had little sand timers in our showers. I think my mom got them free somewhere, maybe from the water or energy company, but she told us we only needed to spend that much time in the shower. Sometimes I'd cheat and flip the timer again, but I always felt so guilty because I knew I didn't NEED that extra time! Once I got my routine down, just standing under the water felt pointless. Plus, whenever I use water I think of this and feel supremely guilty for all fishes out there: My mom used to have empty gallon milk jugs under the sink & when we'd wait for water to heat up (for washing hands or faces or whatever) we'd put it in the jugs. Remy & I do that to this day & use that water for our plants!Another tip for seeing how much water you use is to stop the drain. Some people are surprised that in their daily shower routine they use MORE water than people who take baths!!!I know that doesn't really help with water-saving tips per se, but thought I'd share.

  2. I went to 4H camp in Maine one summer and we had to take military showers where you turn the water on and off. So you first rinse , then turn the water off while you shampoo and soap up, turn the water on to rinse, then turn it off to condition or shave (if you do) and then on again for a final rinse. It was a challenge at first but it got me in the habit of taking really fast showers. -kate

  3. Kate, our mom would love you. She's been suggesting that method since we were young. I might try that until it gets really cold, and then pick it up again in the spring!

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