The story of my dress

Almost all of the wedding projects I started got handed off to someone else who did a better job than I could have. The story of my dress is no different! | Photo by Gillian Spencer

I began with a concept (making Simplicity 2250, a cute summer dress, into a formal dress) and a sort of compromised determination to make the dress; I figured if I failed, I always could run to Nordstrom. Also, my good friend Casey aka C. Vincent offered to lend me his expertise on fit and alterations. Thus armed, I began the muslin process.

The initial plan was for Casey to do the pattern adjustment work, and I would sew the muslin using the new pattern piece he’d designed. Most of the alterations were in the bust darts and re-shaping the top band into more of a sweet-heart shape.

After about three rounds working this way, Casey offered to take the entire project on. Bless his heart. My stress level was only increasing and I’d been quietly dreading the day that I’d have to move on from cotton to the final fabric (blush colored silk chiffon, habotai and charmeuse.)

Casey worked tirelessly in the weeks before the wedding. We had a couple of rough fittings – my waist seemed to miraculously contract and expand by full inches – and a couple of miscommunications about straps. But I knew I was in good hands.

The dress felt amazing. (You can see the charmeuse band and chiffon straps well here.)

And photographed gorgeously. Casey’s decision on how the skirt fabric should be layered lent a weight and movement that added a lot of elegance.

I was incredibly fortunate to have Casey’s tireless help and expertise; watching him work made me realize that I would not have been able to complete the dress at my current level of sewing experience with the amount of time I had. Normally I’m all about DIY, but this project was best left to a professional!


2 thoughts on “The story of my dress

  1. Morgan,Thank you so much for the kind words! Making the dress for such a special day was an honor. You looked absolutely stunning in your first couture gown! It was such a pleasure collaborating with you creatively as well. While I may have sewn the dress, it would have been nothing without your vision.Furthermore, every bride should take a lesson from you in positivity and graciousness. You were the model of patience and it came through in the event.Congratulations again,Casey

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