In a few brief weeks, the wedding will be here! The time between then and now seems all the briefer because I, in typical fashion, have over-committed myself to handmade projects. Where I would be if I didn’t have people to pry these projects out of my grasping, crafting hands, I do not know. C. Vincent, Elizabeth, Katherine, Adam, Kristin, Dudley, our moms, our very own Bee, and many others, you know who you are!

One of the most labor-intensive of all these projects (in terms of effort compared to output) is making paper flowers for centerpieces. I don’t really know what the environmental impact of real flowers vs. paper flowers are, but I do know that paper flowers will last much longer! And they’re so lovely that I can imagine keeping them around for quite some time.

The thrifty part of this endeavor are the lovingly mismatched glass vessels! I was estimating we’d need around 100 vases/jars/etc., and put the task to my mom. A true genius of thrift, she called me the next morning having scrounged up 80 of them from her own church garage sale and Value Village. KT, Nathan’s mom and I rounded out the collection with finds from the Goodwill and our homes.
 With one crafting project (almost) complete, I’m starting to breathe a little easier!

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