Super fun potato print project

My gift-giving philosophy has been skewed ever since my sister and I came to the agreement that we would only give gifts to each other when we felt like it; no Christmas/birthday obligation. Hilariously enough, we understand each others’ tastes so well and generally have so many gift ideas for each other brewing that we don’t take full advantage. But it’s there when we need it.

This is a hard philosophy to extend to others, however, and I am ashamed to say that a wedding present for my cousin Jesse and his wife Emily made a smooth transition into a first anniversary gift. I wanted to make them the perfect hand-printed linen napkins from the get-go, and one year later, they are finished!

I used potato printing, something I haven’t done in a long time, having been so heavily invested in screen-printing. But it sounded super fun!

My setup looked like this: potatoes cut in half with a carved design, a board for rolling silk screen fabric ink on a brayer, and the linen I cut and hemmed.

I rolled the brayer onto the potato design so it would apply evenly to the fabric and then pressed fairly hard.

Then I treated the designs after the ink had dried with a high-heat iron (most silk-screen fabric inks will tell you how long to iron to set the ink.)

Et voila! They were a joy to make, and are now in the hands of their intended owners!


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