Irresponsible sewing: a summer dress

I know the muslin process is really important (especially on something like a wedding dress). But last weekend, I found myself yearning for a sewing project that I could wear right away. Add that longing to my personal initiative to reduce the fabric heap that threatens daily to exceed its closet space, and I was sewing a dress.


I used Burda 7661, a dress/shirt pattern that I’d used twice before. Since it was one of the first patterns I worked with, I didn’t really remember what size I’d cut. The second time around was for Me-Made-March ’11 and I made this shirt, which was just a tiny bit too wide through the shoulders. By the way, that has never, ever happened to me before. So, I landed on a size smaller than my measurements would indicate and was mostly pleased! The only thing I’d do differently is make the armholes a tiny bit bigger – maybe a 1/2 inch or so. Still, it’s very wearable and looks good with a lot of my comfortable footwear that I walk to work in.Also, do you see that in the background?? It’s SUN. Seattle has been under a spell of doom and drizzle, and one really can’t underestimate the power of the sun here to inspire summer sewing.Anyone else doing some irresponsible sewing?


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