Quilty weekend

This weekend was project heaven for me! Saturday was quilting project, film project with friends, wedding project, quilting. Sunday was quilting, friend brunch, wedding, quilting… and then a game of Catan!

As you can see, I changed my original design idea. It just seemed like too much white, considering it has a white background. Squares of color seemed like a good solution, so I did a bunch more math to figure out how to make it work. I also added in some brighter fabric, notably the olive greens, oranges and teals, and then laid all the squares out in the order I wanted them.

Guess who can’t resist squares of fabric on the ground?

Orson is not only interested in what you are focusing your attention on, he also loves natural fiber and pretty much anything on the floor. I had to rescue my carefully laid-out design several times.

After sewing the squares, I put an off-white frame around it. So the quilt top is done and ready to be bound to the batting and back! And I think I’m going to secure it all with yarn rather than stitching, which will look great with the square layout.

I plan on finishing it this week, but I want the final piece to be a surprise!  So look for pictures in a couple of weekends.


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