Project update!

(Could that title sound any more corporate and like work?) Anyway, I suppose it’s mostly utilitarian title; just wanted to let you guys know what I’ve been up to, sewing-wise! I’ve officially shelved the slipcover project for bigger, more urgent projects. Projects with deadlines. But super fun projects, not at all like work!

The first project is a baby quilt for my soon-to-arrive nephew. My crafty wheels started spinning approximately one hour after we heard the news that my future sis and bro in law were having a baby, and I volunteered to make the quilt. Fast-forward a few months, and it’s time to start! (Note: I am a completely novice quilter.)

I did the most waffling on blanket size. I went back and forth between matching the crib size and making something a little larger that will last longer. I went with larger – the finished size will be 42″ x 60″ instead of the 38″ x 50″ blanket that you can buy with the crib.

To the right is my rough design. I’m envisioning a white frame with pieces of fabric of all different sizes and colors in the center strips.

Next, I bought fabric! I raided the Goodwill’s pillowcase section because I wanted a good variety of colors without buying too much fabric. And also because I firmly feel that the quilting tradition came from crafty people using what they had. However, on my trip to Joann’s to pick up batting, my resolution wavered and I fell in love with a monkey print (!!!) that I decided to make the quilt back.

Done with my shopping, I came home and “processed” (read: washed on hot) my thrifted fabric. Then I pinned the backing fabric to the batting to see what dimensions I was really working with and neatened the edges. All in all, a very satisfying start to Mr. Nephew’s quilt!

Ok, my other project: making my own wedding dress. I’ll admit I’d been putting this off. I’m not sure why, probably just afraid it would never look good enough. But I started a muslin and even in a cotton sheet, the dress looked great! Mr. C. Vincent adjusted the muslin for fit, and next week, we’re going to sip whisky and soda and make new pattern pieces. Not in that order.

Inside-out dress muslin, mmm….

I won’t be showing too many revealing photos of the dress before the wedding – gotta save some things to (hopefully) wow the guests with – but I’ll try to document the process the best I can!

Happy sewing!


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