A few good links

Man, Zo at So, Zo… keeps on killing it with her posts on consumerism. And not only is her most recent post great, but the comment section is just as good! Check it out:


The author, lookin’ mean
but not dirty

Also, I’m halfway through “No More Dirty Looks”, graciously lent (well, shoved into my hands) by Erica! One resource they high recommend is the Skin Deep Cosmetic Database, which is, in their own words, “Skin Deep is a safety guide to cosmetics and personal care products brought to you by researchers at the Environmental Working Group.” Since the personal care products industry is all but unregulated for safety, EWG’s Skin Deep is picking up the slack:


The No More Dirty Looks girls also write their own blog that continues the theme of their book:


That’s all for now! I plan on spending this weekend blissfully buried in projects, including the slipcover and a (fingers crossed) a surprise project that uses a ton of fabric scrap.


2 thoughts on “A few good links

  1. Awesome! I've actually been using it before I read about it, and it's nice to hear it's a tool that people who research this sort of stuff trust.

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