Final MMM recap

I can’t believe Me-Made-March is finished. It felt arduous and but seemed to pass quickly. “The years go fast but the days go so slow” – perhaps an overstatement but I can never resist inserting that lyric into situations where it seems even mildly appropriate.

Anyway!! Here are my last four outfits:

Day 27. I have to confess that I let my desire to wear my refashioned striped tee with short shorts dictate whether or not I worked from home. It was a great day.

Day 28, new dress new dress! It was a pretty compulsive creation: I wanted to make something desperately, had the Simplicity 2281 pattner lying around, and went to Joann’s to buy fabric. Made it over a weekend. I did make sure that my compulsive desire to create didn’t overtake my quality control, thankfully. The only change I would make with the design is making the sleeves smaller; they didn’t look quite this wide on the package.

Day 30, a refashion of my own creation and the inspiration for the “just cut the bottom off of it” post. It was a dress that was in a permanent state of wrinkles, as I mentioned earlier.

Day 31. WHOOPEE! I made it. Back in front of the mirror after frustrating the fiance to no end with my photographic demands.

I think it’s important to analyze findings in any experiment and MMM11 is no different. Here’s what I left with:
  • I love dresses. It does seem frivolous to say “well, I’m making another dress”, but I wear them all of the time! I plan on making more of them.
  • As long as my self-made clothes are made well and suit me, I don’t really distinguish between them and everything else.
  • I became totally unsentimental this month about keeping clothing that I’d made just because I’d made it; I took a lot of projects to sell at Buffalo Exchange that I didn’t have any desire to wear or refashion. Bonus: o far, they’ve bought all of them!
  • I’d written this at Week 1, but I’m still pleased and proud at the high percentage of thrifted items I have compared to store-bought
  • A full-length mirror is key to putting together good outfits. Never again will I attempt to do without! I blame much of the badness of Week 4 on the lack of mirror. In fact, I just bought a beautiful one on craigslist that I can’t wait to show off here.

If you haven’t already seen the flickr pool for MMM11, check it out! There is enough inspiration there to last for a year or so.


4 thoughts on “Final MMM recap

  1. Totally echo the learning element of MMM. I've also discovered some new blogs through the Flickr group. Full of stylish and creativeladies!! On a seperate note…When you made the Cynthia Rowley dress (the purple one you chopped the bottom off, which totally works btw) did you find the sizing weird??Px

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