Week 3 of Me-Made-March – The Lost Week

Between moving and being really sick, I totally forgot about Week 3. Here is the recap!

Day 1, another Simplicity 2451 skirt in an ikat fabric obtained at the Goodwill.  I also got to trot out a rarely worn cowl sweater (thrifted, of course). You can see we’re about to move based on the empty bookshelf in the back.

Day 2. This is a favorite refashion of mine, a thrifted American Eagle tank. I removed the elastic hem and used the t-shirt shredding method from Childhood Flames. Mine is a pretty tame example of what is possible with this method!

Day 3, I had to show off a new thrifted goodie, this tank. Worn with the black Simplicity 2451 skirt. Oh look, someone packed up the other bookshelf too! Also, please notice the one cat ear belonging to a certain Mr. Orson lurking at the bottom of the photo.

Day 4, a new project!! This dress is made from Simplicity 2450, and it’s so stinking cute. I love the sweetheart neckline and the pleated/darted/tucked bodice. I was really surprised to also like the spaghetti straps. Next time, I’m going to make a size smaller (there is an absurd amount of ease in most of the Cynthia Rowley patterns) and scooch the straps in.

Day 5 is a refashion of one of my first projects. Actually, this shirt has been through three stages so far, all of them months apart; one, sewing, two, screenprinting, and three, chopping off a waistband and hemming. The print is my Dia de los Muertos design.

Day 6, moving day! I’m wearing a refashioned and screenprinted tee (again with one of my designs). Thanks to Desomniac for taking the pic! And for lifting every single piece of heavy furniture we have!

Day 7. I broke out the Christmas dress again! The fiance and I went on an excursion to Tacoma so I thought a little dressing up was in order. Also, I was celebrating the fact that our new apartment looked pretty decent for having moved in the day before and that it was 1,000x better than our old one. And I’m not just exaggerating. Other people have made the same comment.

So there you have it! Week 3 of Me-Made-March.


4 thoughts on “Week 3 of Me-Made-March – The Lost Week

  1. I know the point of the post was not the bed, but that bedspread is awesome!!! And the blue and white polka dot tank is my favorite!Hilary theyoungandthenaive.blogspot.com

  2. The bedspread was a bit of a silent partner (well, as silent as anything that is marigold yellow can be!) in this endeavor. I'm kind of bummed that the good light isn't in the bedroom anymore!Mandi, the feeling is mutual! C, thank you so much – you would know!

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