A Refashion of a Self-Made

There’s very little I like more than getting rid of something that isn’t working for me. I am 90% un-sentimental and 100% brutal when it comes to giving a piece of clothing the ax (one notable exception being things that belonged to my grandma Kiyomi, a professional seamstress who made all of her own clothing).

That said, I also really like altering things to become useful. I created this dress last fall from Simplicity 2472. I took one cute picture in it and promptly shoved in the back of my closet. It was made from a stiff cotton-poly blend I’d nabbed at the Goodwill and wrinkled if I so much as thought of sitting down.

Here I am, creating permanent wrinkles

So on this, the second-to-last day of Me-Made-March, I chopped off the skirt and made it into a shirt! I can safely say that I will be wearing this often.

Standing, but unafraid to sit down!

I worked the same magic on a store-bought dress that I’d worn to death. (Last summer, I bent over to get something out of the hallway closet and heard a HUGE rrrrrrrrip – the product of which was a 6″ rip right over the right side of my rear).

Are you ready to see it in shirt form?

So, I highly suggest this as a valid refashioning method; if you are like me and having a sewing machine, you’re set! If you don’t possess one of these indispensably handy machines, I suggest buttering up a sewing-machined friend for lessons or trade.

Coming up: an Me-Made-March outfit summary for last week (I’m behind)!


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