Week 2 of Me-Made-March: l’Epoque de Refashion

Hi! I managed to wear an unusual number of refashions this week, due in no small part to the fact that I raced to the Goodwill on Sunday because I felt like I was running out of clothes to wear for the challenge.

This week was also notable due to the fact that I’ve been sick for SIX DAYS and counting. Ugh. I never get sick for this long. Anyway, without further ado:

Day 1, I got this Pierre Cardin silk tunic from the Goodwill for a song. It was a horrible (on me) tan, so I dyed it what ended up being a foresty green. Not the best color on me still, but it looks great with red lipstick!

Day 2, another one of my finds from the Goodwill – a men’s mock turtleneck, LL Bean with stripes. I just took the sides in and cut out sleeves from the leftovers. I felt very sixties and kept on imagining I was Betty Draper on one of her better days.

Day 3, ahh the illness sets in. Can you tell from my unfocused eyes? I thought I was smiling big for the camera at the time. This photo was snapped after sister took pity on me and toted me along with her to Fred Meyer. The shirt is the same pattern as Day 1’s, made from what can only be described as Beefy-T material. I dyed it a grey-blue to reduce the collegiate sports effect.

Day 4. I rescued this beauty from a Value Village. It had a destroyed hem, and it was too long to be attractive. I cut and hemmed it as short as the embroidery would allow, and I love it! I was also trying to make the best of a greasy hair day in the photo and I quite like the results.

Day 5, aka the day I shouldn’t have gone into the office. It’s very clear to me now looking at this photo that I am grey in the face, and the closest thing to a smile I could muster was a grimace. Oh well. I’m very proud of this outfit: self-made shirt, refashioned (shortened) skirt from my Goodwill run, and a sister-made necklace!

Day 6, showing off a thrifted silk tank with artwork of my own that I screenprinted on it. The rest of the outfit is thrifted, minus the boots.

Day 7, in which I never left the house once. I lounged about in a self-made cardigan, the good ol’ white tee, and a sister-made necklace (my Christmas gift this year). Sadly, I had a fantastic outfit all planned out for a birthday party of a friend that I was too run-down to attend. Hopefully I will have another occasion this month to show it off!

Learnings this week: I love refashioning! I don’t have too many refashioning skills yet – mostly hemming, dyeing, taking in, and removing unwanted details (read: badly placed pockets, garish embroidery) with my seam ripper. But that’s a great place to start!

Also, I can’t believe I’ve made it to Week 2 without a self-made repeat (aside from the cream t-shirt, which has played a supporting role twice.) I’m guessing I will start repeating a bit this week.

So there you have it! Week 2, all wrapped up.


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