Six days of self-made: The first week of Me-Made-March

I made it! I managed to put together outfits for six consecutive days with one or more items made by me.

Day 1, the full outfit: self-made shirt with thifted jeans and store-bought boots. Photo and greenface by sister dearest!

Day 2, self-made salvaged linen dress and t-shirt. Thrifted boots and store-bought tights. Linen wrinkles emphasized by unfortunate office lighting. Photo by lovely coworker and friend Kristin!

Day 3, self-made shibori scarf with thrifted jacket, shoes, pants and store-bought white tee. (Yes, that is an Arnold Palmer next to my keyboard. I was celebrating a springy day!)

Day 4, out hunting for apartments in my self-made blue demin skirt, thrifted jacket, purse, boots, and shirt, with store-bought tights and knit hat. Photo by Mr. Fiance!

Day 5, I started to feel like I was running out of clothing and pulled this self-made dress out. I love the color, and it was a very thrifty little dress made out of a tablecloth runner from the Goodwill, but it does something bad near the chest area. I tamed it for the picture, in which I think it looks quite flattering. Thrifted shirt, necklace from my grandmother, and house-shoes (well, in fact, the highest heels I own, but I like to totter around the house in them) from a super fun clothing exchange.

Day 6, it felt like spring! I went for a self-made dress, thrifted purse, belt and cardigan, gifty earrings, and store-bought boots and leggings. I was cold. I’m looking suspicious here and I can’t quite remember why – perhaps I didn’t trust seeing this much sun all at once.

I took some time on Sunday to take stock of the rest of my self-made or refashioned wardrobe. Realized I’m running a little thin. So yesterday, I high-tailed it to the Goodwill and found a bunch of tasty items for re-fashioning! You can expect to see some new goodies in the next three or so weeks.

Also… not to toot my own horn or anything, but documenting my daily outfits really shows me what a significant portion of my clothing is thrifted! If I had to guess percentages of self-made, thrifted and store-bought new, I’d put it at about 20% self-made, 70% thrifted and 10% store-bought. AND the store-bought items tend to be leggings, tights, etc and a couple of pairs of boots to go with everything. So nice to prove to myself that I can be satisfied – nay, thrilled! – by the outfits I put together with second-hand and self-made clothing!


10 thoughts on “Six days of self-made: The first week of Me-Made-March

  1. Congrats on the versatile and home-made wardrobe! Of course you know I suffer extreme sewing envy. One of these days I might get a lesson out of you…

  2. That's a really impressive percentage of self-made/thrifted/store bought! Looking forward to seeing your new refashions in the coming weeks, plus seeing how you remix the ones we've already seen you in so far in March. All the best!Zoe x

  3. You pretty much live in my dream apartment/outfits. That orange bedspread is so pretty. Did you use a pattern for that first shirt?

  4. @Lisette, thank you! I like the bedroom in my apartment, but we're actually moving next week – the rest of the apartment is quite dim and uninspiring. The first shirt pattern is Simplicity 2554, with some alterations – I adapted it for knits, and I added the band.@Bitterbetty, nice to see you here and thank you for the lovely compliment! The feeling is mutual, I've been enjoying your fun photo shoots and cool outfits!

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