Me-Made-March 2011

Here I am on Day 1, in a shirt I made myself.
Feeling optimistic I can meet the challenge.

Friends, I have decided to take on my first internet sewing challenge.

This month, I will be wearing at least one self-made garment or accessory every day as a part of Me-Made-March 2011. Me-Made-March is run by Zoe of “So, Zo…” and you can read more about the event here!

Two immediate benefits to participating:

  • I will repair sub-par garments I’ve made that haven’t made it into regular rotation – YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE, floral silk tank top!
  • I will find out where the gaps in my self-made wardrobe are. Like the fact that I haven’t made any pants, ever. Desperation may spur me on to pick up some new sewing skills!

Since I will be documenting my outfits daily for the group flickr pool, I will do a weekly re-cap here so you can see what I end up putting together.

Do you make any of your own clothing? Do you wear what you make with pride?


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