Talking sustainable fabrics with Leigh Anne Van Dusen
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Talking sustainable fabrics with Leigh Anne Van Dusen

Last year, I had the pleasure of meeting Leigh Anne Van Dusen, founder of O Ecotextiles. O Ecotextiles partners with fabric manufacturers to create safe, low-impact and gorgeous fabric for home design. Leigh has an encyclopedic knowledge of sustainable (and unsustainable) fabric production, and she has been passionately pursuing change in the textile industry for over a decade. … Continue reading

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Bee and I had so much fun yesterday! We were invited to a clothing swap held by fantastic and thrifty Elizabeth of La Vida Desconocida.  We showed up with 6-7 bags of clothes between us, having leaned on Elizabeth to host after our recent wardrobe purges. We organized loosely by item type: dress, skirt, pants, … Continue reading